Standard makeup and hair services are booked directly online. If you would like to request booking for your wedding day, please visit The Bridal Experience page for details regarding booking. 


Clients should arrive with no makeup and if receiving dry hair services, hair should be clean and dry.

If makeup and/or hair isn't in this condition, additional fees could apply, or your appointment could be cancelled because of time constraints.

To avoid time delays, cell phone use is not permitted during makeup application.


Only guests that are receiving services should be present for the appointment. If the person receiving the service is a minor, a parent or guardian may be present and will only be permitted inside with a covering on both the nose and mouth.


A $25 late fee will be incurred when a client is 15 minutes late for the scheduled time, or if scheduled makeup exceeds allotted time because of client delays. 

Due to possible time restraints, the artist reserves the right to cancel an appointment if the client delays 15 minutes or more.


In the event the client cancels the appointment, the client will lose the deposit.

If the artist is unable to perform services because of an emergency, 100% of the deposit will be refunded to you.


you may be able to reschedule your non-bridal appointment time on your original appointment date depending on artist availability and demand of the day. Please email your time change request for consideration. changing your date is not permitted unless you forfeit the original deposit paid.


Travel is subject to artist's availability. If travel can be accommodated at the day and time you wish, the travel fee will be invoiced separately.

Out of studio fees begin at $100.

Travel Accommodations: All costs for travel to a booked event are to be paid by client. Costs may include, but are not limited to transportation, parking, airfare, hotel stay, etc.


To request early, late, or Sunday bookings, fill out the form on the Contact page.

Early A.M. Appointments: A $25 fee will be incurred for booked appointment times before 8am. This includes if travel time must be started before 8am. Any appointment times needing to be booked at 6am or earlier will incur additional fees.

Evening Appointments: Any appointments that are booked after 6pm will incur a $25 fee. This fee is per client. If the artist’s availability is limited to or after 6pm, this fee will not apply.

Sunday Appointments: Appointments made on Sunday will incur a $25 fee.


All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are cleaned and disinfected after every makeup application. Any skin conditions or allergies should be reported by the client to the makeup artist prior to application. Client(s) agree to release the artist, Chelsey Jones, from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions.


If the client has any skin conditions (active acne, etc) that could be infected or unsanitary, I reserve the right to refuse services. If the client has extensive allergies or several skin irritants, I reserve the right to refuse services.


Trial Run: A trial makeup application is mandatory for all brides. Booking and completing a trial run does not reserve the wedding day. It is the responsibility of the client to secure the date. Only after the wedding day deposit is paid is the wedding day booked.

Wedding Party Minimum: There is a minimum six service booking (including the bride) to be the main wedding of the day. If your service does not meet the six service minimum, the final service cost will incur additional fees. 

Wedding Party Cancellations: If a person in the wedding party decides to cancel their appointment, the total amount of their service is due on the wedding day.

Travel on the Wedding Day: If travel exceeds one hour on the morning of the wedding, overnight accommodations must be provided the night before. This is to prevent possible delays caused by travel on the wedding day.

Service Location Needs: A clean table and an electric outlet will be needed to complete services. Please provide an area that gives enough space for both the artist and the bridal party.

Touch Ups: Stay for touch ups is not included in the rates and is dependent upon the artist’s availability.

Full policies on wedding day makeup will vary depending on each individual client. This may include but is not limited to full day and half day rates and decisions on travel accommodations.


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